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What’s Included?

Private Nutrition Coaching

Each of dailyRD’s Registered Dietitians has extensive experience helping clients gain freedom from unhealthy eating patterns and disordered eating like binge eating, emotional eating, and chronic dieting. Your dailyRD Support Plan includes one Nutrition Coaching session. You may purchase additional sessions at anytime, if desired. During each private Nutrition Coaching session, you speak one-on-one, by phone, with a dailyRD Registered Dietitian. Your Registered Dietitian works closely with you to help change your relationship with food, your body, and your self-image. This starts with a deep, compassionate understanding of the intense emotions and helpless feelings associated with disordered eating. The first session starts with a discussion of your needs. We then discuss your goals, and establish a nutrition plan to meet your needs. We discuss misconceptions about foods and weight, answering your questions and helping you to understand how to normalize your daily food intake. In your continuing private Nutrition Coaching sessions, we discuss your progress and any setbacks you may have encountered. We carefully review the information gathered from your Recovery Record Log to identify challenges you’re facing and provide helpful recommendations. Throughout each session and for the duration of your dailyRD Support Plan, you can count on your Registered Dietitian to help you set and achieve realistic goals and to support you with empathy, encouragement, and accountability. All Nutrition Coaching sessions are kept strictly confidential and are conducted in the convenience and privacy of your own home or other private location.

Private Mobile Support

dailyRD will help you customize the Recovery Record mobile technology to keep your support dynamic and top of mind every day. Simple to use on any mobile device, the Recovery Record app lets you input relevant information to keep your individualized support connected and current. Your personal goals, custom meal plan, and helpful coping tactics keep you focused on your daily behaviors and allow your Registered Dietitian to track and provide feedback to encourage your progress. This allows your support to be evaluated and adjusted depending on your needs. Recovery Record also lets you communicate with your dailyRD Dietitian with private, direct two-way messaging. You can message your Dietitian any time between your monthly and group sessions, and receive messages during the dietitian’s work hours. All dailyRD Recovery Record information and communications are HIPAA secure, confidential and can be conducted in the convenience and privacy of your own home or other private location.

Healing Community Support

With dailyRD, you receive access to all dailyRD group support meetings. These confidential support meetings are held on Sundays, via phone, and you are invited to participate as often as you choose. Our group meetings are led by experienced Registered Dietitians and are uniquely effective for sufferers of disordered eating. Focusing exclusively on binge eating, emotional eating, and chronic dieting, virtual group meetings are both educational and supportive in nature. Group support has been proven to be incredibly helpful and healing for disordered eating. In these meetings, you can further your recovery by learning from other participants, sharing experiences, and gaining knowledge about relevant food and nutrition topics. All dailyRD virtual group meetings are strictly confidential, and you can participate from the convenience and privacy of your own home or other private location.