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Freedom from Binge Eating and Dieting

With dailyRD, you can finally gain freedom from the chaos, the secret internal battles, and the overwhelming burden of disordered eating.

You also get freedom from dieting, calorie counting, or strict meal plans. Instead, you get practical strategies, accountability, and reality-based hope to end the exhausting cycle of dieting and out-of-control eating.

Multifaceted support specializing in disordered eating

As a dailyRD client, you get:

Monthly Private Nutrition Coaching. Our multifaceted Support Plan starts with a private, 50-minute phone call between you and your dailyRD Dietitian. This call is where we learn about you, your history, challenges, and needs so that we can set realistic, attainable goals that keep you motivated for lasting success.

During continuing Monthly Private Nutrition Coaching calls, you’ll discuss your progress and any setbacks you may have encountered. Your Registered Dietitian carefully reviews the information gathered from your Recovery Record log to identify challenges you’re facing and provide helpful recommendations.

One Nutrition Coaching call is included each month in your program. You are free to purchase additional Nutrition Coaching Sessions as often as you may desire.

Private Mobile Support. dailyRD uses the mobile Recovery Record app that allows you to self-monitor and your dietitian to view your progress to provide feedback and support. This app makes it easy to track your customized goals, meal plan, hunger/fullness markers, behaviors, coping skills, movement, feelings and thoughts. Recovery Record even allows you to message your Registered Dietitian when needed, and to receive responses during your Dietitian’s work hours. (This app is easy to set up but we’ll be happy to walk you through it if you need.)

Healing Community Support. Our weekly virtual group meetings are led by experienced Registered Dietitians and are uniquely effective for sufferers of disordered eating. Focusing exclusively on binge eating, emotional eating, and chronic dieting, virtual group meetings are both educational and supportive in nature. You can join as many of these virtual meetings as you choose.

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